Why Professional Translation Services are better than g Translate?

In this digital era, technology has surpassed every conventional process in today’s world, technology is taking over every conventional process. In some cases, technology cannot transcend humans because sometimes AI cannot be perfect and can result in an error. The translation of a professional document cannot be performed using g translate and in this scenario, translation services come to the rescue.

The purpose of this article is to educate the readers about the importance of document translation services and how they are still better than g translate.

1. G translate supports specific file types only

An automatic translator cannot help you with pdf files that are lengthy or InDesign files. AI-based translators are only suitable for content related to social media marketing and product descriptions. Professional translation services can provide top-notch services without any compromise.

So, g translate is not something you can refer to a brand for their website or blog. It won’t have the same impact in another automatically translated language as the ones in which it was written.

2. Customized translation is better than automatic

Professional translation services are done manually and assure the proper description of the core message of the document. A skilled translator understands the intention and context behind a written passage. So, he/she can convert it while keeping the subtle information intact.

The importance of subtle information is that it gives subconscious signals to readers and so many work and personal deals thrive on it. After all, not everything needs to be said.

3. G translate is not for companies

Organizations all around the world run on shared documents in multiple languages. Sometimes, translation is required because not everyone communicates in English. People usually don’t want to pay for Document Translation Services, so they go for automatic translation which does not work on business documents.

A word can have more than one meaning in one language which might be misunderstood by the reader if the translation did not involve the proper care of context. This disturbs the organizational work as no one has time to ask for the correction of one word so that they can proceed further.

4. Manual translation is proofread

An online or offline organization with manual translation services has a whole team of people with relevant skills. A translator might be good at converting passages but has no solid knowledge of punctuation or grammatical errors. For that purpose, an editor is there. A person who can point out the confusion or inconsistency in the text can polish the translation for the client’s need.

5. Data fed to g translate is not secure

Not just translated data, anything you feed to the internet is not entirely secure. On some level, the controllers of the online platform have access to your information. So, g translate is also kind of unsafe when it comes to feeding confidential data. It can be used anytime by anyone as online frauds are the most common nowadays.

If you are travelling somewhere and only want to translate the restaurant’s menu then the automatic translation is safe, but your confidential documents such as flight details, credit card PIN, NIC details, and sensitive phone numbers can become a source of privacy threat if you are not careful.

6. Translation services are secure

Keeping your personal information safe is a translation organization’s integrity. People would not hire them if they are known for leaking people’s sensitive information for personal gain. So, any translation service you approach would keep your documents safe to avoid putting question marks on their reputation ad to assure quality service in the long run.

But for your assurance, ask them for a contract or terms of service that must involve keeping the information secure. Many intelligence agencies and hospitals approach anonymous translators with their documents to make sure that the other person has no chance of leaking their documents.

7. G translate generates wrong subtitles

Automatic translation can become confusing when it comes to converting voice into text or translation. You might have watched many YouTube or Netflix videos with an automatic translator on. The translated text is at the mercy of the speaker’s fluency and accent. This can easily misconduct the dialogue, leaving the viewer confused and frustrated. On the other hand, Translation Services can provide accurate and efficient services.

8. No option for audio translate

The number of podcast listeners is increasing every day. But not everyone enjoys listening to English speakers due to a weak grip on the language. This mostly happens where English is neither official nor a native language. The audio translation services make sure that an expert voice-over is done with the right words to deliver the exact same message that the speaker wanted to give.


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