Website Translation

Website Translation

Would you like thousands of new customers?

YES! Ah OK – we thought you would.

Translation Empire can help your company to ‘go global’ and sell to new international markets simply by translating and localizing your website.

If you are selling your products via an E-Commerce site, then it is crucial you translate your web content into multiple languages.

This way you can be selling your products around the globe whilst you sleep.

If you use your website to increase awareness of your services, then localization will ensure your audience can understand your core message – whatever language they speak.

Did you know?

    1. About 40% of internet users will never buy from websites in other than their native language
    2. Nearly 76% of internet users prefer to read product information in their native language.
    3. Around 75% of online shoppers say that they are more likely to purchase again if the aftersales care is in their language.

So, creating a multi-language version of your website should be high on your priority list. It is a quick, cost-effective, and measurable way to reach new markets and sell to new customers.

Here at Translation Empire – we don’t just translate your website content; we also consider the whole process of online selling to a global audience.

We consider how people find your website via multilingual SEO and also can guide you on translation and localization of your company or products social-media presence.

If you need a Translation Services Partner to help you sell globally – then you have come to the right place.

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