Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Translation Services

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Translation Services

The hospitality, travel and tourism sectors are some of the largest global industries that we work with. We provide translations services for travel agents, tour operators, airlines and hotels; ensuring they can communicate clearly and effectively with customers, suppliers and staff.

Of course, when your business is traveling and exploring the world, the need for high quality translations is a must have.

Every successful travel company needs to communicate in multiple languages depending on the countries they work with. A clear and error-free translation is needed to ensure customers are happy and international suppliers know exactly what is required from them to help travel and tourism businesses to flourish.

tourism and travel translation services

Accurate translation is essential for creating the perfect first impression with international clients and partners. When a travel and tourism business gets their communication right they build brand loyalty with customers leading to repeat business and organic ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

Translation Empire is providing professional Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Translation Services to:

  1. Tour operators and travel agencies
  2. Hotel chains and independent or boutique hotels
  3. Airlines and airports
  1. Tourist offices
  2. Tourism websites
  3. Price comparison websites for travel services

For our Travel & Tourism customers we generally translate the following type of documents and assets:

  1. Tourist brochures
  2. Travel and Destination guides
  3. Tour descriptions
  4. Tour Guide Scripts
  5. Hotel and activity descriptions on websites, brochures, catalogues etc
  6. Subtitling and voice over for video content marketing travel destinations
  1. Travel related website content – both written and video.
  2. Written and audio descriptions of cities, regions, and countries.
  3. Newsletters
  4. Press releases
  5. Promotional and marketing campaigns
  6. SEO content for the travel, tourism, and hotel industry.

Contact Translation Empire for all your tourism and travel translation and localization requirements. We will be happy to help you.

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