Subtitling & Voiceover

Subtitling & Voiceover

Translation Empire offer professional subtitling services to our customers including transcription, translation, and delivery in any format.

These days a highly rated video with hundreds of thousands or even millions of views need to be shown in multiple languages to attain a global viewership.

Videos need to include translations of the original language – we help our customers resolve this issue with our multi-lingual subtitling service.

For example, you may have created a ground-breaking documentary for which the source language is English. And you want to reach people whose first language is NOT English with your video’s content.

You may want people in Spain to watch, understand and respond to your documentary. If so, then it is crucial you make accurate subtitles for your video in Spanish.

Your confidential video content remains secure with Translation Empire – all our translators, transcribers and technical staff have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and if required we can issue an NDA which is specific to your project.

Translation Empire offer a full Subtitling service including translation of your subtitles into over 300 languages.

We cover all stages required to ensure your subtitling project will be a success.


We will transcribe your video content into English OR any other language you may require. Completed transcriptions are time-coded and ready to be used for the subtitling.


We have over 15 years’ experience providing high quality translations in over 300 languages including all European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages. Our professional and qualified translators ensure perfect translations every time.


Once the transcription and translation process has been completed, we use the time-coded translation to prepare subtitles to the highest industry standards. Subtitles will enhance the look and global reach of your video content.


We then burn-in subtitles to your video content and deliver the final files in any format you need.

Our professional and experienced multilingual subtitling team will ensure that each project we complete for you is:

  • 100% relevant to the video content.
  • Completely in sync with the relevant images from the video to maintain the original meaning.
  • Correctly aligned so that the subtitles DO NOT extend past the correct timing for the video.
  • Professionally ‘burnt in’ to the video content using the latest software to ensure a high-quality look.

How do our customers use our Sub-titling services?

Private Businesses

Film & TV

Private Businesses need our help to subtitle video content that is on their website, internal communications, statements from the CEO delivered in video format, Zoom or MS Teams business meetings and so much more.

film & tv

Film & TV Companies love to work with is because we provide fast and error-free services that are competitively priced. We offer subtitling services for drama shows, animation, cartoons, features films, TV shows, documentaries and more. Our Subtitling service can help your production company to increase multi-territory sales. We work with distributors and film makers on a global basis providing both SDH and multilingual subtitling.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Training & Education

Hospital and health care

Hospitals and Healthcare professionals often require us to provide subtitling for their medical training films and patient advice videos.

Accuracy is critical here as the doctors and health professionals use the training materials to obtain new skills and understand how to use the latest medical devices. And patient information has to be understood so all patients give fully informed consent for any operations or surgery.

training and education

We work with multiple Government departments, NGOs, international schools, and universities.

We provide subtitling for various online courses, website video content, video versions of university prospectuses, management training videos and more.

Translation Empire offer a full Subtitling service including translation of your subtitles into over 300 languages.

We cover all stages required to ensure your subtitling project will be a success.

Voice over

We offer voice-over services in multiple languages and use the latest state of the art studio equipment to ensure the audio quality is fantastic every time.

Our voice-over translations are used to replace any original audio file with the voice-over content in the target language.

Multilingual voice over is commonly used when your video content has a speaker or narrator who is ‘off camera’.

Voice-over in languages of the countries you wish to market your services, products, or message to; is very effective and will make your video look professional to a global audience.

voice over
We have provided multilingual voiceover services to various industries and for many different purposes, for example:
  1. E-learning Content for staff and students
  2. Television Documentaries
  1. Employee Training Videos
  2. Student Learning Materials
Contact us to discuss our subtitling and voice over services which are perfect solution to help you communicate to a global audience with ease.

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