Have you ever thought about translation and interpretation as a career making stuff? Do you see yourself fit for this field? This question hit my mind when I came across the Bureau of Labour Statistics report,
“Employment of interpreters and translators will grow by 18% through 2026, more than double the level of all careers tracked.”
Doesn’t it sound great to dive in the ocean of opportunities with the surety of survival? Of course, your answer would be positive. Coming back to our topic, let’s have a glance on the differences.


Both of these services convey information from one language into another. However, there are a few differences which make them two separate fields.
Let’s find out some facts.

TRANSLATION deals with static language. It is usually in written form but could sometimes involve recorded audios as well. It takes flexibility of time. Literary translation includes novels, short stories, film text, dubbing, songs, poems, advertising materials, magazines and articles. Technical translation covers the field of science and technology. It is just because of this translation that many international health and environmental policies can be discussed in a very formal tone. Legal translation requires official language. It covers a wide variety of text like, identity documentation, financial documentation, official reports, transcripts, filed patents, witness statements and legal rulings. Medical translation is a very vital field as it translates medical documents like slides, books and lectures and also assist patients with understanding and filling out paperwork. It also translates patient documents from doctors who speak a foreign language.
INTERPRETATION deals with spoken language. The interpreter is only exposed to spoken words on the spot. An interpreter accompanies a person or a delegation on a tour, or meeting or interview. They can work in person or on the phone via video, in one_ on _one setting or for large conferences; business meetings press conferences or during calamities, interpreters have a big responsibility to connect people via translation either it’s a refugee camp or the mobile hospital, war zone or pandemic Covid 19, translation and interpretation are the only means of communication.


So, you see, both of the fields have plenty of rooms to fit in. There are a lot of websites offering jobs for those having fluency in more than one language with full knowledge of grammar and syntax of language in command. Do make a profile with all information and apply for your services.
I wish this post be a source of guidance for all those who are interested in translation or interpretation. See you.


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