Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Scope of Translation

  • Revise: Translation will be examined by an independent reviser for its suitability for purpose, comparison of the source and target texts for terminology consistency, register and style.
  • Review: A monolingual review to assess the suitability of the translation for the agreed purpose.
  • Chargesfor changes to the source document will be advised to the client before translation. Records of any changes will be stored electronically and shared upon request.
  • Request for printing already translated documents on Translation Empire(TE) letterheaded paper with a TE will require proofreading from our professional translator(s) and we will charge for proofreading on a ‘per word’ basis in addition the charge for letterhead and stamp provision.
  • Ambiguities identified in the source text will be clarified before, or during, translation.


  • The original text belongs to the client.
  • Translated documents belong to the client and the client gives TE permission to use the document during the project.


TE accepts no liabilities for:

  • Errors in the source document.
  • TE does accept liability for errors in the translated document if found to be genuine technical errors following our complaint review process (see below).
  • Failures in electrical power supply, office equipment, computer hardware and internet connection caused by a utility company

Complaints Review Process

  • If a customer receives a translation from TE and finds a perceived error within the translation, they must notify TE immediately so an investigation can be conducted.
  • The customer can email or send a hard copy – and must highlight the perceived errors within the document with supporting comments to explain the reason why they believe it is an error.
  • TE will then investigate using an independent translator/proofreader who will provide a full report explaining whether the errors are genuine or preferential changes.
  • If the error is genuine, we will correct the error and return your document securely, free of charge.
  • If the error is classed as a preferential change, we will give supporting evidence as to why it is not a genuine error, and you will be charged for the proofreading/review.

Settlement of Disputes

  • If there is a dispute regarding the content of the translated document, the customer must initially contact the translation Project Manager who processed the assignment. The Project Manager will try to resolve the problem immediately. If the result of this process is not satisfactory the customer must request TE to initiate the Complaints Review Process (outlined above).


  • All translators, revisers, reviewers, and proofreaders sign a confidentiality agreement with TE prior to completing any translation projects for TE.
  • Translation Empire will not use the original document or the translated document for any other purposes and will keep them stored electronically for reference, for a minimum of three years.
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