A love towards languages,

They believe I have.

And I am satisfied with it.

Words amaze me, and I am completely captivated with them,

Along with interchangeable components of speech.

Language gaps are not my thing.

As I construct bridges to help the world.

The written word is my means of expression,

And presenting ideas is something I am obsessed about.

I have the impression that I am an artist at times.

Occasionally a scientist,

At times, I am just a typist.

I am not strong; I have my fears.

I am driven by typos, and

Dime a dozen leaves me in tears.

They also state, “I’m a loner.”

Who uses software and the Internet?

With deadlines looming, it is hard to stay on track.

I do not have time to network.

My laptop is where I eat and sleep.

And I frequently work across time zones.

If you need a translation done with love and care,

Simply drop me an email so I will declare,

And I will continue to do my job as usual,

Flawlessly translating as it is due.

I enjoy working with clients who pay a fair price,

For all efforts, love, and work

That involved in this hardship.


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