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Today’s healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical industry is a global business. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of being able to communicate in all languages for companies within the healthcare industry.

Translation Empire provide accurate and subject specific translation for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

We translate anything from pharmaceutical drug and medicine labels, instructions on how patients use a medical device, patient’s medical notes and more.

We help our healthcare and pharma clients to engage, educate and inform their patients and customers on a global basis.

Translation Empire has over 15 years’ experience of working with solicitors, lawyers and legal professionals throughout UK, Europe and beyond.

We provide a range of language services including transcription, translation, and interpreting (through our sister company Language Empire).

We only use professional and qualified translators who have previous experience of working with legal translations ensuring they have knowledge of relevant legal terminology.

All documents for official legal use will be notarized by a notary public official. If required, we can also provide a ‘certificate of translation authenticity’ signed by the professional linguist who completed your translation project.

Our professional legal clients depend on the high quality and accuracy of our legal translation services for court cases, contracts and legal document translations, witness statements, video interview and phone call transcriptions and much more.

We even help our solicitors, lawyer and legal professional customers engage with and win new clients; both within their own country and internationally too.

The main services we provide toour legalclients include:

Certified Translations

Document Notarization

Document Legalization


Stamp Paper Services

The type of document certification required depends on the end-use of the document.

We have provided a brief description of each certification type below to help you navigate this area of document translation services.

Standard or Basic Certified Translation

Our standard or basic translation certification service provides a certificate of accuracy written on company headed paper which is then signed by the translator.

This certificate confirms that the translated material is a true and accurate translation of the original document, and the translated text is fully complete and correct.

As a member of the Association of Translation Companies – we also stamp the translated document to certify that it has been produced to a European Quality Standard for translation services (BS EN 157803) and the International Organization of Standardization (ISO 17100 Translation Services).

Our standard or basically certified translations are accepted by most authorities and governmental bodies including the Passport Office, embassies, and courts of law.

Sworn or Notarized Translations

Our sworn or notarized translation service is used to authenticate the translations we provide. This service is usually applied to official documentation requested by government bodies and related organizations such as courts or embassies.

These translations must be accompanied with an Affidavit which has been notarized; before they can be legally recognized in Pakistan.

Essentially this is a formal declaration made in writing and sworn to be true in front of a lawyer or other public notary.  Stating that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of the translator’s ability.

All the sworn or notarized translations we provide are marked with a certified stamp to show they have successfully gone through our notarization process.

Document Legalization or Stamp Paper

Your translated documents may require legalization or to be printed on official legal stamp paper.

This is usually needed for things such as power of attorney applications, land purchases, contracts when selling property and more.

Stamp paper is government issued for legal translations to be printed on so they will be legally recognized when presented in a court of law, embassy, or other government department.

If you are unsure which type of certification your document requires OR need to access one of the services outlined above – please contact us or upload your document using our online translation quote form.

One of the key strengths at Translation Empire is our ability to use languages services to help our customers with international marketing, advertising, and PR.

We help businesses in Pakistan to ‘go global’ through our consultative approach. We will help you increase your market share and widen your global brand awareness by helping you translate your:

The video games industry is huge and spans the globe in its appeal. Everybody has a favorite video game from Donkey Kong to Call of Duty – we all have a fond memory of gaming. 

Not only that but with the advent of Apps and online games the software industry needs to cater to a global audience, and this is where Translation Empire come to the rescue.

Our professional language and localization services can help software houses, App developers and Video Game companies to not only break into new markets, but also ensure their current set of global users are able to enjoy the ultimate user experience – in their own language.

We help software and game developers to carefully localize the language, colors, images and language used to market their latest and greatest App or game to a worldwide audience.

So how do we do this?

To help get your product ready for localization for a specific country or market, our technical team of software, App and game developers will advise you on exactly what is needed to make your software localization project a success.

Our specialists will advise you on using single strings, encoding requirements, considering text expansion with certain languages and allowing for suitable space,and of course hard‑coding.

In addition, they will explain which components are necessary for your App, video game or online game to be launched into a new territory, such as:

  • New legal requirements
  • Manual stipulations
  • Hardware requirements
  • Cultural sensitivities – which if got wrong can make or break the launch of a new product.
  • Logos
  • Packaging design, the wording of game boxes
  • Multilingual Dialogue and voice-over
  • Game text and subtitles
  • User interface and UX design (for local and international consoles)
  • Game and company website
  • Advertising
  • Artistic design

Once fully briefed, our talented team of translators ensure your language content is appropriate, makes sense and appeals to the audience of each international market you are looking to penetrate.

We currently translate in over 300 languages – meaning your software, App or online game can reach the farthest corners of the planet.

Our specialized localization team will work with our translators to assure that when your latest App or online game is launched; it makes complete sense, doesn’t confuse, and of course doesn’t offend your target audience.

Our team of software and gaming localization project managers will provide clear and regular communication with your team throughout the process. This ensures a final product of the highest quality is delivered.

Contact Translation Empire to discuss your latest App, Video Game, Online Game or Software localization and translation project today.

The Translation Empire team have been successfully providing Financial translation services to banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and even businesses dealing in Crypto Currency.

Our translators have extensive knowledge of the terminology and translation needs for our clients who work within the financial sector.

Our professional financial translation services are in line with the rigorous requirements of the ISO 17100 – Translation Services accreditation. This means our robust translation processes ensure quality of every translation project we complete for you.

Whilst our ISO 27001 – Information Security Systems accreditation means you can feel secure that your data (and your customers data) is protected at every step of the translation process.

The financial services sector plays a critical role in the global trading environment.

In the global village that is planet Earth, banks and financial professionals need to communicate with clients and colleagues across the world.

Communication is key and time is of the essence. Banks and financial institutions need to ensure that customers understand the message they wish to convey in any country they reside in or any language they speak.

This is where Translation Empire’s Financial Translation and Localization Services help our financial services and banking clients to exceed their clients and customers expectations – wherever they may be in the world.

We provide accurate translationsand localization of:

  • Financial documents
  • Bank forms
  • Transactions Reports
  • Employee Pay-slips
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Financial statements
  • Banking documentation
  • Balance sheets
  • Foreign Currency Statements
  • Annual Reports
  • Employee contracts and HR related documents
  • Customer Identification documents
  • Customer medical records and reports
  • Face to face, telephone or video interpreting services for business meetings, presentations, staff training, marketing campaigns, award ceremonies and more.

We also provide software localization services of Apps for banks and businesses dealing in crypto currency. Our E-Banking localization solutions help your bank or business communicateclearly with your customers in their own language.

Ensuring the user experience is more enjoyable and your customers are happier whilst making transactions and reading confidential communications and instructions in a secure environment whatever language they speak.

Want to learn more about our secure, quick, and cost-effective banking and financial services language solutions? Click now for more details.

Manufacturing is the life blood of many businesses and companies –creating and exporting goods to international destinations and customers is one of the key waysthat countries and people prosper.

Translation Empire’s Manufacturing Translation Services are accurate, reliable and delivered on time.

Our expert translators are selected based on their specialist knowledge and prior experience of providing translations services in your industry’s specific subject matter.

This includes understanding and translating technical language and complex processes required for our manufacturing clients’ assets.

We ensure your translation projects will be clearly communicated to your target audience, accuracy is key to ensure there are no slips-ups in the manufacturing process.

Our expert manufacturing and technical translation team offer the following:

Instruction manual Translation

Technical drawingsTranslation

Health and Safety Documents Translation

Employee contractsTranslation

Translation of HR documents

Subtitling and voice-over services for instructional videos.

Translation of Schematics

License application Translation and Proofreading

Localization and Translation of Legal documents & Patents

Looking to relocate your businesses operations to cut costs?

Translation Empire can provide full translation and localization consultancy services to help you relocate your operations abroad.

Many manufacturers are consideringoutsourcing their business operations and working withinternational manufacturers to cut business running costs and help increase employment opportunities in developing nations.

For your business relocation to be successful, professional and accurate translation services are a must.

Translation Empire will help you communicate clearly and effectively whether you’re hiring new staff for your office abroad or sending  a technical drawing with instructions to your new overseas manufacturer.

How about letting us help you sell more of your products?

All manufacturers want to sell their products globally. To successfully sell to international markets and impress clients enough to win repeat business, our professional Manufacturing Translations Services are available to help you prosper.

We can provide:

Translation and localization of your packaging

Health and safety information translation

Instruction Manuals

Technical Guides

Translation of your Sales and Marketing collateral

Multilingual Subtitling and Voice over for marketing or instructional video content

Website and Social Media Campaign content

Translation Empire’s technical and manufacturing Translation Services can help your company communicate effectively with your international workers, partners and clients.

We will guide you on the best way to use language services to reach and engage with new customers across the globe.

To ensure you get the very best manufacturing translation services in the market contact us now.

Translation Empire are experts at accurately translating documents that contain specialized scientific or technological information.

Documents such as patents, technical guides, owner manuals and user instructionsall require a specialist technical translator.

Our technical translation team ensure every project starts with a clear project brief so we can provide accurate terminology and ensure all instructions, stipulations and guidance are accurately understood.

This means the final translated document will be easily understood in your customers own language, wherever they may be in the world.

If you need manufacturing translations for your company’s assets and documents, Translation Empire’s professional technical translators are ready – contact us today.

The hospitality, travel and tourism sectors are some of the largest global industries that we work with.  We provide translations services for travel agents, tour operators, airlines and hotels; ensuring they can communicate clearly and effectively with customers, suppliers and staff.

Of course, when your business is traveling and exploring the world, the need for high quality translations is a must have.

Every successful travel company needs to communicate in multiple languages depending on the countries they work with. A Clear and error-free translation is needed to ensure customers are happy and international suppliers know exactly what is required from them to help travel and tourism businesses to flourish.

Accurate translation is essential for creating the perfect first impression with international clients and partners. When a travel and tourism business gets their communication right they build brand loyalty with customers leading to repeat business and organic ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

Translation Empire is providing professional Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Translation Services to:

  • Tour operators and travel agencies
  • Hotel chains and independent or boutique hotels
  • Airlines and airports
  • Tourist offices
  • Tourism websites
  • Price comparison websites for travel services

For our Travel & Tourism customers we generally translate the following type of documents and assets:

  • Tourist brochures
  • Travel and Destination guides
  • Tour descriptions
  • Tour Guide Scripts
  • Hotel and activity descriptions on websites, brochures, catalogues etc
  • Subtitling and voice over for video content marketing travel destinations
  • Travel related website content – both written and video.
  • Written and audio descriptions of cities, regions, and countries.
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Promotional and marketing campaigns
  • SEO content for the travel, tourism, and hotel industry.

Contact Translation Empire for all your tourism and travel translation and localization requirements. We will be happy to help you.

Translation Empire has been helping the car manufacturing industry keep moving with their it’s high-quality automotive translation services.

Our language services ensure accurate translation so car manufacturers can communicate with clearly with employees, shareholders, partners, and customers.

We also help our automotive manufacturing customers to work efficiently with supply chains which in this modern world are distributed across multiple nations.

We offer quick turnaround and translate over 300 languages – so we can help you communicate with any supplier you are working with; wherever they are in the world and whatever language they understand.

We provide professional translation services to the car manufacturing industry for the following:

  • Car owner’s manuals
  • Technical specifications
  • Instruction manuals
  • Marketing materials
  • Website content
  • Video subtitling and multilingual voice-over
  • Health and Safety Instructions
  • HR documents and employee contracts

From the manufacturing process all the way through to marketing to customers and even aftercare once a car has been sold. We help our clients within the automotive industry to provide the very best service for their international customers.

Translation Empire only works with experienced translators who have knowledge of your subject matter. Our team of translators have the automotive industry knowledge to ensure accurate translation of all your manufacturing, marketing, and after-care assets.

From vehicle manufacturing specs given to the team building the car, all the way through to commercial localization of marketing materials so you can launch your latest model into new territory.

Whatever your requirement, call us today to discuss how we can help you with our automotive translation services.

Translation Empire has been working with Government departments and related organizations for over 15 years.

We have provided official Government translation services to the Ministry of Defense, Her Majesty’s Royal Treasury, Multiple local councils and more.

All aspects of Government rely on timely, clear, and accurate information. Whether it is related to diplomatic matters, ensuring the well-being of citizens through social services, or managing the education of our children.

We also understand the critical importance of security when it comes to handling Government information. Our team of professional and qualified translators delivers accurate, secure government translations to departments regularly.

We have many years of providing secure translations services and our ISO 27100 – Information Security Management accreditation means you can feel assured your data is secure and all communication and translations are processed and delivered in a data-secure environment always ensuring data integrity.

We translate all sensitive material with care and precision – this includes ‘CONFIDENTIAL’, ‘SECRET’ AND ‘TOP SECRET’documents. We work with translators who have security clearances and can guarantee each document’s confidentiality is maintained.

Our official government translators have all been vetted and are ready to provide Government Translation services in any location. Contact our friendly team to discuss your next translation project now.

Translation Empire are one of the leading translation service providers to charities and NGOs throughout the world.

We have worked with global charities including The British Red Cross; helping them translate marketing materials, collection forms, funding proposals and even shipping export documentation.

We have over 15 years of experience in supporting international charities and NGOs with high-quality translation services in over 300 languages.

The charities we work with do their very best to improve many of society’s issues such as, poverty, child hunger, human rights, environment, animal welfare, water aid and much more.

Translation Empire love to help charitable organizations wherever we can. To this end, we will offer a 10% discount off our standard rates for all not-for-profit organizations.

Contact us to today to discuss your charity’s translation service requirements.

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