Gaming and Software

Gaming and Software

The video games industry is huge and spans the globe in its appeal. Everybody has a favorite video game from Donkey Kong to Call of Duty – we all have a fond memory of gaming. 

Not only that but with the advent of Apps and online games the software industry needs to cater to a global audience, and this is where Translation Empire come to the rescue.

Our professional language and localization services can help software houses, App developers and Video Game companies to not only break into new markets, but also ensure their current set of global users are able to enjoy the ultimate user experience – in their own language.

We help software and game developers to carefully localize the language, colors, images and language used to market their latest and greatest App or game to a worldwide audience.

Game localization

So how do we do this?

To help get your product ready for localization for a specific country or market, our technical team of software, App and game developers will advise you on exactly what is needed to make your software localization project a success.

Our specialists will advise you on using single strings, encoding requirements, considering text expansion with certain languages and allowing for suitable space, and of course hard‑coding.

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In addition, they will explain which components are necessary for your App, video game or online game to be launched into a new territory, such as:

  1. New legal requirements
  2. Manual stipulations
  3. Hardware requirements
  4. Cultural sensitivities – which if got wrong can make or break the launch of a new product.
  5. Logos
  6. Packaging design, the wording of game boxes
  1. Multilingual Dialogue and voice-over
  2. Game text and subtitles
  3. User interface and UX design (for local and international consoles)
  4. Game and company website
  5. Advertising
  6. Artistic design

Once fully briefed, our talented team of translators ensure your language content is appropriate, makes sense and appeals to the audience of each international market you are looking to penetrate.

We currently translate in over 300 languages – meaning your software, App or online game can reach the farthest corners of the planet.

Our specialized localization team will work with our translators to assure that when your latest App or online game is launched; it makes complete sense, doesn’t confuse, and of course doesn’t offend your target audience.

Our team of software and gaming localization project managers will provide clear and regular communication with your team throughout the process. This ensures a final product of the highest quality is delivered.


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