Banking & Financial Translation Services

Banking & Financial Translation Services

The Translation Empire team have been successfully providing Financial translation services to banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and even businesses dealing in Crypto Currency.

Our translators have extensive knowledge of the terminology and translation needs for our clients who work within the financial sector.

Our professional financial translation services are in line with the rigorous requirements of the ISO 17100 – Translation Services accreditation. This means our robust translation processes ensure quality of every translation project we complete for you.

Whilst our ISO 27001 – Information Security Systems accreditation means you can feel secure that your data (and your customers data) is protected at every step of the translation process.

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The financial services sector plays a critical role in the global trading environment.In the global village that is planet Earth, banks and financial professionals need to communicate with clients and colleagues across the world.

Communication is key and time is of the essence. Banks and financial institutions need to ensure that customers understand the message they wish to convey in any country they reside in or any language they speak.

This is where Translation Empire’s Financial Translation and Localization Services help our financial services and banking clients to exceed their clients and customers expectations – wherever they may be in the world.

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We provide accurate translations and localization of:

  1. Financial documents
  2. Bank forms
  3. Transactions Reports
  4. Employee Pay-slips
  5. Insurance claim forms
  6. Financial statements
  7. Banking documentation
  8. Balance sheets
  9. Foreign Currency Statements
  10. Annual Reports
  1. Employee contracts and HR related documents
  2. Customer Identification documents
  3. Customer medical records and reports
  4. Face to face
  5. Telephone or video interpreting services for business meetings
  6. Presentations
  7. Staff training
  8. Marketing Campaigns
  9. Award ceremonies and more

We also provide software localization services of Apps for banks and businesses dealing in crypto currency. Our E-Banking localization solutions help your bank or business communicate clearly with your customers in their own language.

Ensuring the user experience is more enjoyable and your customers are happier whilst making transactions and reading confidential communications and instructions in a secure environment whatever language they speak.

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