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One of the UK’s leading translation agencies, Translation Empire - are expanding globally. We have launched our first international office in Islamabad, the vibrant capital city of Pakistan. With over 13 years of industry experience, Translation Empire provide high quality language services on a 24-hour, 365 days a year basis. Our friendly team is perfectly equipped to handle any type of translation project and we are experts in working on urgent deadlines. Through the provision of high quality and professional language services; Translation Empire will help companies and organizations within Pakistan to overcome any language barrier and communicate effectively with the global marketplace.


Translation Empire helps millions of people live happy and healthy lives by bridging the communication gap between individuals who speak or write in different languages.

Whether we are translating an instruction manual for the latest smartphone OR providing a face-to-face interpreter to help a patient understand what their doctor is saying – we make a difference to people’s lives every day.

Our team strives to be the best they can be every day and each person at Translation Empire works hard to keep our customers happy.

Work History

The Translation Empire team has been providing high quality and professional language services to customers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe since 2008.

We have a network of over 2700 of the brightest and best translators in the industry.

Our qualified and experienced translators cover over 300 language combinations, which means we can help you overcome any language barrier you may experience.

Hundreds of European companies and organizations trust Translation Empire to deliver their translated documents on time and to the highest quality standards. These include The British Red Cross, the National Health Service (NHS), the Ministry of Defense (MOD) and many more.

We have the relevant International Standards in place (ISO) including ISO 17100:2015 which ensures we have strict quality control procedures in place for every translation assignment we complete for you.


Translation Empire’s work ethics are based on the same principles by which, we live our lives. These are sincere hard work, commitment, and a whole lot of passion in everything we do. We aim to exceed your expectations in every way. We will over deliver on what we promised and cater to your every requirement, and this is our guarantee.

Our goal is to become the number one translation agency in Pakistan – come and join us on our exciting journey to the top.

Translation Empire PK

Corporate Social Responsibility

Translation Empire always strive to achieve the highest standards of translation services through effective communication with all.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality; we also consider our environmental and social responsibilities. 

Our office premises are green, we strive to do most Translation work via email to limit printing and paper wastage and we recycle our shredded documents.

As a UK company managed by Pakistani nationals – we have a special place in our hearts for the people of Pakistan. Over the years we have launched various charity campaigns to help feed the most poor and vulnerable.

For example, in April 2021 we provided food parcels to over 390 families within Azad Kashmir. We gave them enough food to feed a family of 6 for the whole month of Ramadan.


We also run various internship programs to give Pakistan’s highly talented youth an opportunity to work in a professional environment. We offer short internships within our linguist recruitment, customer service and software development teams and often these interns go on to gain full employment with us.

Translation Empire PK
Translation Empire PK
Translation Empire PK


What languages do we cover?

At Translation Empire we pride ourselves on being able to accurately and professionally translate into over 300 language combinations, including:  

  1. Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern African Languages from and into English
  2. Central and Latin American Languages from and into English
  3. North, East, South and Western Asian Languages from and into English
  4. Eastern and Western Europe Languages from and into English
  5. Middle Eastern Languages from and into English
For any other language requests, please enquire because we network with many other companies around the world and we’re sure we’d be able to find a solution to your translation needs.

Do I need a translator or an interpreter? What is the difference?

At Translation Empire we focus on translation, should you need an Interpreter however please refer to our very accomplished sister company Language Empire http://www.language-empire.com/ Translators focus on the written word whereas Interpreters attend appointments, meetings etc. and help with oral communication. It could be that you need both, a Translator to translate an appointment letter and an Interpreter present at the appointment to aid with communication, should this be the case, we are happy to organise this for you.

Who are your clients?

We translate for a wide variety of industries (legal, medical, financial, manufacturing etc.) public organisations (schools, universities, local councils, the NHS, dentists etc.) and private clients (solicitors, retail companies, charities, individuals etc.) please see Industry Sectors for more details however, the relevant question really is… “Who do we not translate for?” and the answer is nobody! We have a wide network of Translators who all have different specialist knowledge so we are confident that we can attend to any translation request.

How do i pay?

If your company has a contract with us, simply quote a cost code, alternatively if you haven’t had any translations with us before, after agreeing a quote, we will provide our bank details to you and you can simply send a bank transfer via BACS.

How do we maintain our high standards?

We are constantly striving to maintain our excellent standards and improve on our already existing relationships with clients i.e. through feedback forms.

Who are your translators?

We have a network of over 2700 experienced, qualified linguists who are native speakers, experts in their subject areas, rigorously tested and trained, selected and evaluated prior to their registrations with us.


We love to keep our customers happy – and encourage feedback about our services so we can improve wherever possible.
Please see this small selection of comments from our wonderful customers:


Translation Empire has been keeping our European clients satisfied for over 16 years.

As a leading language services provider Translation Empire is naturally growing rapidly and winning great contracts due to our track record of excellent service, professionalism, and competitive charges.

For this reason, our customers stay with us year after year.

We have been present in Pakistan since 2020 and are establishing a solid reputation as a translation agency who deliver translation projects on time and within budget.

Below is a list of some of the leading UK organizations we have worked with:

Our business is to help create more efficient, smoother operations for your business. We are committed to providing high quality service with results. With over 60 years of industry knowledge and expertise, we guarantee you an investment you won’t be disappointed with. We envisage becoming one of the leading Translation service providers globally; therefore customer satisfaction is on top of our list of priorities.

Translation Empire’s work ethics are based on the same principals in which, we live our lives by. These are sincere hard work, commitment and a whole lot of passion in everything we do. We aim to exceed your expectations in every way. We will over deliver on what we promised and cater to your every requirement and this is our guarantee.

Our Principals

The heart of our business lies in the core ethical business practices, strong foundations of quality, service and client satisfaction, which we take very seriously.  We are committed to being fair, equal and transparent in our recruitment and environmentally friendly practices.  We are steadfast in reducing our carbon footprint and actively engage in activities in achieving this i.e. recycling program.

Translation Empire takes all negative feedback and complaints received very seriously. We will strictly investigate, get to the source of the problem and resolve the matter most swiftly & appropriately. We have a stringent complaints procedure in place to assure you that your complaint has been acknowledged, investigation initiated and end result reported to yourselves, within 14 days of the date received.

Translation Empire receives and provides translation work electronically only via a secure portal. Employees are all aware of the importance of confidentiality and we operate a Tidy Desk Policy within the office to ensure no important information is left on view and all documentation is shredded at the end of each day. When we receive documents, Translation Empire staff remove all personal information before forwarding to the translators as an extra precaution in ensuring no confidential information will be passed to third parties. All of Translation Empire’s translators have agreed to to treat the information they read and translate as confidential, and they have signed our confidentiality and security agreement.

Here at Translation Empire, we take pride in our customer services; this is why, Customer service and Customer care is at the Heart of the services we provide. We aim to deliver excellence in all our services to customers and provide easy, multiple choices of access channels to services through means of face to face, over the telephone, e-mail, website and text messages (SMS). We continuously strive to improve our services and thus regularly monitor customer satisfaction through various levels of feedback i.e. surveys and questionnaires.

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